The Pros and Cons of Joining an Affiliate Network

Your website is vital to making a profit for both you and your site's visitors. If you regularly post quality content using SEO , then it is time to profit from that hard work. You can earn money from your site with an affiliate network. As a publisher, you can generate profit by adding advertisements to your website.

If you want to promote offers to prospective customers, an affiliate network may be right for you. There, you could find publishers with relevant websites for promoting your products. This is the best way to build your ad business and your client list.

Below are some of the pros and cons of joining an affiliate network

First, look into the advantages of affiliate management

Affiliate network managers can help you find trusted publishers who will distribute your product's information and call people to action.

This also gives you an opportunity to check affiliate performance. An affiliate network enables you to check statistics provided by a third party affiliate network company. A statistic system can be a useful tool enabling you to check visitor conversion rates and affiliate performance.

An affiliate network could become a helpful tool for finding relevant programs for your website.  Networks may provide partners with a wide variety of offers including different pricing models, such as CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPM. Affiliate networks make it easy to sign up and promote products or services with prepared advertisement materials.

There is also one big disadvantage: with an affiliate network it is difficult to produce unique advertisements. Many people can join the same program using similar text, pictures and logos. You should make efforts to persuade prospects to choose your link. You have many competitors, but you also have many ways to outperform them.

Tips to stay one step ahead of competitors:

- Be Creative, Be Fun
Be unique. Take chances when attempting to increase conversion rates. Create your own approach. Visitors will appreciate this and react positively by clicking on an ad or performing certain actions.

Humor plays an important role and could help make your visitors happy.

- Offer Unique Advertisements
The truth about advertisement materials offered by a merchant is that people hate it. The reason is that lazy affiliates use the same ad material. Visitors see your duplicate ad content and then avoid your site. They don't like reading similar posts or seeing similar pictures. We bet you also don't want to waste your precious time reading the same thing twice. So, prepare unique advertisements for your visitors.

- Be Best Friends with Your Site's Visitors
Treat your visitors as individuals. Take care of them.
For example, if you advertise a sporting goods e-shop, write an honest review about their products. Give advice on your use of their items, but keep it positive.

- Use Your Own Customer Experience
It is great if you like the products that you promote. You can write an article on how you have used and enjoyed them.

Second, affiliate networks provide you with proven publisher activity results

As an advertiser, you pay for the results of the publisher's efforts. Thanks to the existing pricing models, such as CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPM, you are able to share the true cost of visitor actions. If you are not selling any products or services and just need to share information about your company or future discounts, you can provide a CPM (also called CPT – cost per thousand ad impressions) model.

As a publisher, you shouldn't worry about the way a merchant evaluates your work, because you follow a fair paying system. If you manage to establish long-term relationships with one reliable customer, this could be enough to provide a stable profit over a long period of time. But, finding this kind of visitor can be a difficult task. You should make a great ad to hook that lucrative fish.

Third, make note of your working efficiency

Search for a successful affiliate and examine which methods he/she uses to promote your products. Visitors can become irritated by intrusive advertising. Publisher advertising methods may create stigma about your product. Affiliates can make false statements about the brand. Sometimes they are too obtrusive on convincing their audience to take part in an affiliate program.

Also, you should check visitor locations on the publisher's website. If you need customers from any specific region, you should look for an affiliate who cooperates with that audience. Spend advertising money wisely!
It would be great if you find an affiliate who can promote your product like his/her own. Try to create a trusted relationship with your partners. Prioritize quality, not quantity.

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