SORA is The First of Its Kind Intelligent Offer Distribution Platform.

A revolutionary new service that combines and satisfies the needs of both advertiser and publisher.

SORA offers a NO RISK entry for advertisers while granting you access to a wide network of publishers and an even wider network of potential customers.

  • Turnkey solution
  • Quick and painless implementation
  • Doesn't interfere with conversion path
  • Filters to include only “non-competitive” exit offers
  • The first of its kind Intelligent Offer Distribution Platform
  • Mixed Media Sources. Choose all or only what you want
  • Industry Leading Compliance and Brand Control
  • Access Exclusive Impressions

Is marketing ROI important to you and your clients? Of course it is! It’s no secret that 90%+ of traffic will exit without converting. What’s your strategy for monetizing these users you paid to bring to your site or landing pages? SORA is the answer.

Looking to gain additional exposure to your offers? Supplement all your existing efforts and access a wide network of publishers and an even wider network of potential customers with SORA. Bring back huge chunk of your non-converted marketing spend and lower acquisition costs today!


Whether you are a publisher with unsold inventory, or a business with existing site exit traffic, you can monetize it with SORA.

No filtering required!

SORA will funnel and match your audience with the most appropriate and optimized offers. SORA delivers maximum ROI without the need for ongoing micro management or constant tagging and segmenting.

  • Bi-weekly / net 14 payouts (ACH, PayPal, Check, Webmoney)
  • International welcome
  • No traffic filtering or segmentation required
  • All types of traffic accepted
  • No set up fees
  • Live publisher support
  • Real-time reporting
  • Self-serve Interface

Leveraging multiple traffic sources? Looking to test drive better ROI options? You’ve come to the right place. SORA is your no-hustle solution. Don’t discard your “non-relevant” traffic. SORA will find the right offer for all your visitors, making every click relevant and putting value back into your pocket. No traffic type or geo-restrictions! SORA is the solution you’ve been missing.


SORA is one of the fastest growing company in the field of leads generation. Since November 2012, SORA has provided its Advertisers and Publishers with the quality customer service and best opportunities for their businesses. Designed to be easy-to-use, everything at SORA is built to meet the needs of our customers.

We see the affiliate marketing as a highly perspective field and are looking for ways to improve our reliability and diversify our offerings. Being a liaison between Advertisers and Publishers, SORA strives to maintain profitable balance for both sides. Our innovative approach and expertise helps differentiate us from the competition.


Please use the form below if you have any questions and would like to be included on updates concerning SORA and our new proprietary intelligent traffic monetization platform.