Reach for more with the

Most Targeted
Advertising Platform


Is marketing ROI important to you and your clients? Of course it is! It’s no secret that 90%+ of traffic will exit without converting. What’s your strategy for monetizing these users you paid to bring to your site or landing pages? SORA is the answer.

Looking to gain additional exposure to your offers? Supplement all your existing efforts and access a wide network of publishers and an even wider network of potential customers with SORA. Bring back huge chunk of your non-converted marketing spend and lower acquisition costs today!

  • Turnkey solution
  • Quick and painless implementation
  • Doesn't interfere with conversion path
  • Filters to include only “non-competitive” exit offers
  • Highest possible ROI
  • Real time reporting
  • Dedicated support
  • The first of its kind Intelligent Offer Distribution Platform
  • Mixed Media Sources. Choose all or only what you want
  • Industry Leading Compliance and Brand Control
  • Vigorous Quality Control
  • Lower Cost per Acquisition
  • Access Exclusive Impressions